"Masquerade" by Chip Ghigna
Acrylic and polymer on canvas

Carpe Diem

Hold each moment in your heart,
Savor every minute;
Embrace your life with each new breath,
Live every second in it.

©Charles Ghigna


A rush
a rise
up to the skies

an orange

a crowd
so loud
this auburn night

the stars
came out
to play

©Charles Ghigna

Beyond the Moon

for Debra

Beyond the moon, beyond the stars,
Beyond the Milky Way and Mars,

Beyond the glow of heaven’s door,
Beyond all time and even more,

That’s how far you’d have to go
And even then you wouldn’t know,

Beyond the light, beyond the blue,
How very much that I love you.

©Charles Ghigna

Power Outage

The house
is as dark
as a mid-
night lake

a party
of candles
a cake

©Charles Ghigna

Dylan the Smokey Dragon

by Charles Ghigna
illustrated by Jim Paillot

Click on Cover to enlarge for slide show

About Time

I finally gave Time a time-out.
I put him in the corner
to stare at the wall
while I slow down
and catch my breath.

No more chasing after him
day after day
like a mindless fool
running here and there
just to keep up.

From now on
he can wait for me.
I’ve had it with his
spoiled ways, endless demands,
and constant need for attention.

I finally put him his place,
stood him in the corner
and let him know
this time my Time 
is in time-out.

©Charles Ghigna

The Evergreen Forest

Down, down, down again I go
Into the hollows of the deep green forest,
Into the untrodden damp green forest
Where only soiled boot soles know

How cool green mornings can be,
How soily sweet the mud,
How slippery fresh each step,
Step, step beneath the ever tree.

©Charles Ghigna