Goal Mind

Success begins the moment that

You set your goal in place;

Take time to savor every step

For life is not a race.

* * *

Solid Goal

Don't let the distance to your goals

Keep you from your dreams;

It's never really quite as far

As what it often seems.

* * *

Ants Never Cry "Uncle"

Consider the little ant.

He never says, "I can't."

And so it comes as no surprise,

He carries things ten times his size.

* * *

The Art of Start

Don't search for inspiration when

You have a task to do;

Just start your work and you will see

That it will soon find you.

* * *

Best Laid Plans

A plan is only good if it

Is one that gets recruited;

For good intentions soon will die

Unless they're executed.

* * *

Diamond Mind

The promise of our dreams comes true

When patience minds our goal;

Remember that the diamond once

Was just a piece of coal.

* * *

Dreams Allowed

Don't be afraid to dream aloud

The things you want to do;

Just saying what is in your heart

Will help your dreams come true.

* * *

Dream Catcher

Allow yourself to fish each day

Within life's little streams

For that is where we often find

Just how to catch our dreams.

* * *

Fear Less

Fear is borne of ignorance

Resulting in despair

While knowledge can provide us with

The hope we need to dare.

* * *

Finish Lines

Success is never measured by

The things we try to do;

It only comes when we have seen

A task completely through.

* * *

The Game of Life

Give all you've got in every game

Until your games are gone

For when your final game is played,

The game of life goes on.

* * *

Goal Tending

To reach your greatest dreams in life

First set a worthy goal;

Choose one you can embrace each day

With all your heart and soul.

* * *

Going the Distance

Success is not an easy road,

It's riddled with resistance;

While failure on the other hand--

The path of least persistence.

* * *

Good Measure

Success is often measured best

Not by how high or far,

But what you had to sacrifice

To get to where you are.

* * *


Do not let fear confine your life

Inside a shell of doubt;

A turtle never moves until

His head is sticking out.

* * *

Heavy Mettle

Adversity is what it takes

To see our goals ascend;

In order for the kite to rise,

It flies against the wind.

* * *

The High Road

The path to inspiration starts

Upon the trails we've known;

Each stumbling block is not a rock,

But just a stepping stone.

* * *

In Sight

Close your eyes and look inside,

A mirror shines within;

To find where you are going,

First see where you have been.

* * *


It leads us toward the truer path,

It answers many whys;

It shakes the truth out of its sleep

No matter where it lies.

* * *

A Jury of One

Conscience comes from character,

From doing what is right

Even when you're all alone

With no one else in sight.

* * *

Key Issue

To find the key to your success

Takes more than intuition;

It's not the key that's hard to find,

It's finding the ignition!

* * *

Know Excuses

Giving it

Another try

Is better than

An alibi.

* * *

Lesson In Success

If you should dare to try success

Consider this prerequisite;

First study unsuccessful deeds--

Then go and do the opposite.

* * *

Light Touch

There's nothing gray about the truth,

It's simply wrong or right;

For shadows disappear from view

When we stand in the light.

* * *

Life Lines

Life is what you make of it,

However great or small;

It can be used to take up time--

Or used to have a ball!

* * *

Never Give Up

A loss becomes a victory

When you promise not to quit,

But a failure's just a failure

Unless you learn from it.

* * *

Practice Winning

Winners practice everyday,

They do not quit or yield;

Before they win it in the game,

They win it on the field.

* * *

Remember to Forget

Achievements often come when we

Forget our fears and try;

For that's when we accomplish what

We're most remembered by.

* * *

Response Ability

Responsibility is our

Most favored point of view;

Responding with ability

To what we say and do.

* * *

The Right Touch

A thoughtful word, a thoughtful deed,

We never lose the knack,

For kindness is a boomerang

That always comes right back.

* * *

School of Hard Knocks

The lesson that some fail to get,

Though all of us should learn it:

Don't think that you deserve your share

Unless you work to earn it.

* * *

The Spirit of Play

The final score is more than how

We win or lose with pride;

It's how we play the game of life

With laughter on our side.

* * *

Song and Dance Man

Every day's a brand new play

Each time you do your part;

A smile on your face will cue

The song within your heart.

* * *

Straight Curves

A pleasant thought will help you deal

With problems that won't wait

For smiles are the curves that set

So many problems straight.

* * *

Success Full

Never doubt what you can do

No matter what the chore;

Success comes when we care enough

To do a little more.

* * *

Suitable Language

Language is the dress of thought,

Your words wear every shade;

Be careful what you choose to say,

Your mind is on parade.

* * *

Sure Thing

Good luck is not a random act

Of probability;

It's when your preparation meets

An opportunity.

* * *

Sweet Success

The secret of success is clear,

It's simple and it's true;

It's not in doing what you like,

But liking what you do.

* * *

Test of Character

Character is built each time

We face up to the test;

The two most difficult of course

Are failure and success.

* * *

Test Pattern

Each time our troubles test our will

We wonder of their use

Until we learn to keep them from

Becoming an excuse.

* * *

That's the Ticket

Don't let a negative approach

Tear all your dreams apart;

Your ticket to a happy life?

An optimistic heart.

* * *

Think Tank

It doesn't take an army

To think what can be done;

One person with just one idea

Is more than ten with none.

* * *

Tree of Knowledge

The woodpecker has shown us how

A worthy life is led;

We cannot leave our mark on life

Unless we use our head.

* * *

Tree of Life

Hold to your dreams with patient heart,

In time they will abound;

The mighty oak is just a nut

That finally held its ground.

* * *

True Grit

The move from failure to success

Takes more than simply grit;

It starts when you first realize

You know you'll never quit.

* * *

Uncommon Deeds

The secret to success is not

To do as everyone;

Success is often measured by

What others haven't done.

* * *

View Point

Life is grand or life is bland,

It's all in how it's viewed;

The way you see the world depends

Upon your attitude.

* * *

Virtue Us

Integrity comes not from words,

Though spoken near or far;

It does not come from what we say,

It comes from who we are.

* * *

Wealthy and Wise

Achieving goals is difficult

Without some sacrifice;

Remember that you can't get rich

Until you pay the price.

* * *

Winning Strategy

Self-discipline is what it takes

To find a way to win;

To see if you have what it takes

Just take a look within.

All poems ©Charles Ghigna

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